1. I comes to school before the bell rings.
  2. I will never miss school assembly.
  3. Soon after the assembly is over, I’m going to get daily tasks approved.
  4. When my period is on, I will never late to classes.
  5. I will write daily notes according to term’s notebook.
  6. I agree that we need study plans to teach student.
  7.  I will never go to the class unprepared.
  8. I always try to be a useful person to everyone.
  9. I encourage my students to get the highest marks for my subjects.
  10. I treat students as my own children.
  11. Since the teaching subjects is a old and unproductive system, I teach students how to learn.
  12. I appreciates my students even for small achievements.
  13. I take a day off, only if it’s necessary.
  14. I provide my students leaning materials before I take a day off.
  15. I always recover missing lessons.
  16. I don’t wait for tasks. I always look for them.
  17. I’m an independent thinker. I don’t believe anything blindly.
  18. I only do extra works which helps students to improve.
  19. I always try to start new things which helps students to improve.
  20. “A teacher is a leader” So I always lead my students to greatness.
  21. I don’t look away when I see any student do a bad deed.
  22. I don’t allow any student to waste time.
  23. I always to exemplary.
  24. I’m not a secondary. I have a great responsibility regarding our students.
  25. Because of that, I always works for our student’s goodwill.
  26. I always try to be more popular than our principal thero.
  27. I will remain in the class until every student leaves the class room.
  28. I always participate after school meetings.
  29. I try to use my holidays for our students’ benefits.
  30. I always refresh my mind. Always find new things.
  31. Teaching is my career, I earn good money by teaching children.
  32. “There is nothing I can’t do” is my life code.